What Info Do I Need To Launch A Website?

I can’t tell you how often people asking about launching a website when they launch their business.

Let me be very clear – I do NOT think you need a website to launch your business.

I think you can launch a business with a landing page, an Instagram profile and a PDF opt in that you created.

I actually just wrote a blog post about my favorite free resources to use when you launch your business – click here to read it!

But because I am constantly getting the question about what should your first website include, I’m going to give you the scoop.

This information I am giving you could literally be put on a landing page (that you can make for free!)

You don’t need to hire a fancy website design person right away.

You don’t need to do anything crazy.

In my blog, I recommended a few different platforms, where you can build it for free.  They all have templates that make building your site super easy.

Another resource I love thats not free (but amazing) is Kajabi.

I have every single part of my business on this platform. 

From my email list, to my marketing, to every freebie and product I make.

If you want to check out Kajabi, click here.

And if you have any questions let me know! 

Now let’s dive into the information I think your first website (or landing page) should have!

What are you selling?

This might sound like I’m being a smart ass.  But you would be surprised how many people invest in websites and it is absolutely not clear what the hell they are selling.

Guys, don’t be cute.  Make it simple.

What are you selling? 

Spell it out.  Make it clear.  Don’t be cheeky.

Do you have different package options?

Make that clear, too.

Pro-Tip – don’t have too many options.  If you do, people get confused and then they buy nothing. 

What are you customers pain points?

In order for your customer to want to buy whatever you are selling, they have to want it and need it (or feel like they need it).

In enters customer pain points.

You want to include all the things that they are struggling with.

Ideally, you want your target customer to look at those pain points and say, “OMG… she’s talking directly to me right now!” 

Don’t know your ideal customers pain points?  Ask them!

Poll them in stories.  

Talk to your friends who are seemingly in your target market and ask them what they are struggling with.

Do some research and some digging! 

On my website I list my customers pain points as follows:

  • You are struggling with starting your coaching business, growing it, or want to pivot & are seeking clarity around your plan of action, or
  • You know you are called to serve as a coach but need help nailing your niche, building your brand, creating courses & offerings, or creating systems and strategies, or  
  • You are tired of working so damn hard and not seeing a return in the amount clients you are serving or income you are making!  

Here I made it clear – who my clients are & what they are struggling with.

Make it clear & simple.

How do you solve them?

Once your customer is connected to the pain points, you want to make it clear that you are the person who has a solution to their pain.

Again, don’t be cute, cheeky, vague, or use weird lingo or language.

Talk to your ideal customer in their own language or way of speaking and tell them how exactly you are going to solve their problem or offer a massive solution that they just can’t say no to. 

Why you are the expert / why should they buy from you?

This is where you get to tell them why of all the people, you are the person they should working with.

Maybe you highlight your skills, experience, education, personal transformation, or all of the above.

Remember – why are you the expert that can help them with their problems and pain points?

Make it simple.

Be direct.

Testimonials of people who have had success with those pain points. 

Nothing sells your product, service or goods better than testimonials and social proof! 

Collect testimonials from people who have had the kinds of transformations your target audience is seeking. 

Don’t have testimonials yet?  Haven’t sold a product or service yet?

That’s okay.  Do some pro-bono services and ask for testimonials.

It’s a win-win.  

You get to practice, someone gets to experience your magic, and you get a testimonial out of it.

It is literally a win-win for everyone. 

Above all else, keep it simple and be direct & clear in your language.

Need some help with your website copy?  Or any other part of your online business that you are needed guidance on right now?

Schedule a 90 minute deep dive session with me!  Click here! 

May 22, 2020