How to Pitch Yourself to Podcasts

How to Pitch Yourself to Podcasts

How to Pitch Yourself to Podcasts.

If you want to reach more audiences quickly, you need to go on a podcast tour.

What does this mean?

It means you make a concerted effort to connect with people who have podcasts that you can offer value to by way of being a guest.

I can only speak from my experience going on a podcast tour but I will tell you everything I have done to get on more and more podcasts.

Step 1 – Create a Pitch Email

Creating a pitch email that you can send to podcast hosts is KEY.

It should be simple, straight-forward, and explain what type of value you can offer to their podcast listeners.

The pitch email should include:

  • A mini bio about you 
  • Topics of conversation you can discuss
  • If you were on a podcast before, links for the host to listen to you.
  • Links to your social media 



Straight forward. 

Want to see my pitch email as a template?  Click here and you can see how I pitch myself and what has been working for me! 

Step 2 – Find podcasts you want to be on & make an extensive list 

There are so many podcasts in this world, it’s ridic.

The fact that you want to pitch and be on a podcast leads me to believe that you probably listen to a fair share.

Make a list of the podcasts you love.

Think about people who do similar work to you. 

And then search through iTunes for their names and look to see what podcasts they were on.

Add those podcasts to your list as options to pitch. 

Go on Facebook and search for different podcast support groups.  In there you will find podcasts looking for hosts and guests. 

I ended up on quite a few podcasts that way and made some awesome friends as well. 

Add podcasts to the list that feel like a stretch.  Even if you feel like that podcast is too big for your, still put them on the list.  You never know who will be intrigued by your story and areas of expertise.

Step 3 – Pitch, Pitch, Pitch 

For each podcast, find the podcast contact email address & send your pitch email over and over and over.

You can find the email usually on the Instagram for the podcast.

If the podcast doesn’t have it’s own social media, contact directly through the host. 

I have found all hosts emails associated with their Instagram pages.

Pitch to everything.

To small podcasts.

And to podcasts that feel to big for you.

Stretch yourself.

The more you get out there and share your story, the more people you will meet and connections you will make.

This is one of those things in business we get nervous about and don’t put ourselves out there for. Trust me. The more you can put yourself out there, offer value to new people, and connect with new audience, your audience will continue to grow and grow and grow.

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July 31, 2020