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Coaching for High Achieving attorneys

Law school + practice have prepared you to have the greatest, analytical lawyer brain.
What they didn't teach you is how to manage your emotional state.
That is what I am here for.

With Regina Lawrence

Remember when you started law school, they told you that you were going to be taught how to think different? Does the term “lawyer brain” ring a bell?

Lawyer brain is a very, very real thing. The way that your brain was transformed in those three years of school and then in practice is something that one doesn’t quite understand unless they have gone through it.

You were taught to analyze the issues to a degree that most never analyze anything in their life. You were taught to foresee any and all possible issue and obstacles and have a solution. You are taught to anticipate all objections and road blocks and have a way around them crafted just in case.

A huge part of the formation of the lawyer brain is to never, ever live in the moment. You are trained to constantly be thinking about the worst cast scenarios that could happen.

This type of mental formation creates a great attorney. But this type of thinking doesn’t always lend itself to being the most peaceful and present human.

There is something lacking from the traditional law school and firm model.

Something very important that attorneys are not taught in school or in practice.

In a traditional law school educational experience, you are not taught how to turn off the lawyer brain and function as a whole human being outside of the law. There is no class in law school on how to separate yourself from the stress of work when you come home. They don’t offer elective courses on how to manage stress, anxiety or your emotional state. There is no offering that empowers you to have an identity outside of the law. And there is definitely zero guidance on how to be a wife, a mother, a partner, a shareholder, a litigator, a trial attorney and have any semblance of peace or happiness in your life. But there should be. And that is where I come in. 

I’m not your typical executive coach.

And I’m definitely not your typical life coach.

I went to law school and then received my LL.M. I am an attorney who practiced for 7 years. I first worked in the public sector as a Federal trial attorney. Then, I transitioned to the private sector as a white collar fraud litigator, all while working as an adjunct law school professor.

I have experienced each facet of both the education as well as the practice and know the pain, anxiety and pressure you are dealing with on a daily basis because I went through it. You can see my whole story here.  

My coaching is not for everyone. But it is absolutely for someone who identifies with one of more of the following: 

▷ You are experiencing overwhelming stress / anxiety and are looking for a resource to guide you through it.

▷ You are seeking coping mechanisms and tools to manage your stress and anxiety.

▷ You are having interpersonal relationship issues - this can be at work, at home, or in friendships - and want to learn how to navigate your way through them. 

▷ You are considering leaving practice and are seeking guidance for this transition.

▷ You want to stay in your law practice but are considering pivoting to another job or another area of the law.

▷ You are feeling stuck in different areas of your life and are interested in exploring different opportunities.    

▷ You are feeling hopeless and unhappy in your current situation despite having “it all” are seeking a way to feel happy in your life.

▷ You are interested in developing a mindfulness practice but don’t know how or where to start. 

Working together we will seek to do the following:

▷ Identify where in your life you are experiencing the greatest amounts of dissatisfaction. 

▷ Identify why those areas of your life are creating so much tension for you. 

▷ Develop a plan and strategy based on a proven system that I have used with both lawyers and law student to offer you the peace you are seeking.


What they didn't teach us in law school

I'm not your typical coach

Did you know...

▷ ABA cited that lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to be depressed 
▷ ABA found in a study with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation that 28% of lawyers from depression, 19% have symptoms of anxiety & 21% had exhibited symptoms of drinking problems  

Did you also know...

▷ NCBI found that individuals with a positive mindset are more open to possibilities, making it easier to find solutions to problems.
▷ After 8 weeks of a mindfulness practice, MRI scans showed that the "fight or flight" center of the brain appeared to shrink aka our primal responses to stress were superseded by thoughtful ones.
▷ A study at John Hopkins found that mindfulness & meditation was able to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression & pain as much as taking anti-depressants.

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When I first began coaching with Regina, I was nervous. I was worried I would be uncomfortable talking with someone I didn’t know. However, that was the exact opposite with Regina. In the middle of our first session, while crying, I felt a wave of serenity wash over me. I never would have thought I would feel so comfortable opening up to someone who was a stranger to me.

Coaching with Regina has been life changing. She has assisted me in opening my eyes up to characteristics that define who I am, good and bad. She’s noticed things about me that I’ve never noticed about myself. She’s given me so many tools to help me manage my anxiety, both in my personal and professional life. With Regina, I have begun to build a wall of confidence for myself, and in times where I feel surrounded by constant chaos, Regina has helped guide me in achieving a peaceful and calm mindset. 

I look forward to continuing to coach with Regina and improve various parts of my mind, body and self. 

Kelli-Ann Dreisbach

Practicing Attorney