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Are you ready to embrace clarity, confidence
 & peace in your life? 

▷ Weekly 1-hour calls for a minimum of 3 months
▷ Unlimited email & text support throughout the week. 
▷ Access to an exclusive online community Regina's clients 
▷ Weekly goal oriented take aways to assist in accomplishing your goals  

Life is supposed to be filled with radical joy & peace.

I understand your pain because I, too, thought my life would never have real purpose and would definitely never be peaceful.

I was a successful attorney by societies standards and then I ended up on my office floor in a pair of Louboutin’s and a pencil skirt. Arms stretched out. Tears streaming down my face. That was the moment that broke me. That was also the moment that set me free.

From that moment on the floor, my whole life transformed.

From that moment (and through the years the followed), I developed a system to help women, just like you, go from crying on their office floors to standing in power and living a life of purpose. From feeling so much fear, overwhelm, unhappiness and stress to a place of peace, confidence, purpose and feeling complete empowerment. 

I spent decades of my life feeling unfulfilled. Feeling like happiness and peace wasn’t possible for me.  

You don’t have to live a life of feeling unfulfilled any longer. You don’t have to live in a place where you have no clarity about what you really want out of life anymore.

Imagine feeling peace & purpose in your daily life. Imagine feeling confidence in who you are as a person. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and loving the human you see looking back at you?

This is your year.

What have you got to lose?!

What are you waiting for?

Have you been longing for peace & purpose in your life but don’t know where to start?

I totally get it.

We all have a version of ourselves we think we need to be - as opposed to who we actually want to be.

Maybe that person is the perfect career professional.

Or maybe it’s the mom who has to be everything for everyone.

Or maybe it’s the straight A student, fresh out of college or grad school, who is struggling to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Whatever that version is for you - you don’t have to continue to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you & bring you happiness anymore.

I hear you - you don’t know how to change.

And you feel stuck. And like happiness and peace will never be available to you. You feel like change isn’t possible or will be too hard because you have come this far. Or you haven’t gone far enough. 

What does coaching with regina include:



Something is absolutely certain  

You can see my whole story here.


Group & Free

Imagine working together with other people who are striving for the same inner peace and desire for community as you

Through this signature 5 Week Live, Group Coaching course, you will be walked through The Remember, Rewrite & Rewire™ methodology.

As a result, you will:
- Learn the tools and a system of thinking to combat the anxiety that can arise at any given time.
- Understand that anxiety is not a permanent condition that you are stuck with and provides you with the tools to change how the brain deals with stress.
- Gain a deep understanding of where stress and anxiety was born in your life.
- Learn how to master your mindset and stay in your power.


▷ Daily System & Accountability Journal to make major changes in your mindset immediately!
▷ Get the Exact Scientifically Proven Formula that I use to practice and improve mindset.
▷ Start the Journey to improve your mindset immediately!

▷ 3 Simple Ways to Learn how to do this NOW
▷ Get my Exact Steps how to do this 
▷ Start a new life changing habit for FREE!

▷ Simple Hacks You Can Implement Immediately
▷ Get the Exact Steps that I use to find my Zen.
▷ Start a new life changing habit daily for FREE!

▷ 20 Mantras That Have Transformed My Year
▷ Get the Exact Mantras I have used
▷ Start a new life changing habit daily for FREE!

In this free guide, I am going to show you how to begin to kick your stress and anxiety!
We weren’t meant to live a life filled with anxiety, panic attacks & stress that inhibit us from peaceful living.

▷ Understand the why and hows of Mantras
▷ Get the Exact Formula for how to create your own
▷ Start a new life changing habit daily for FREE!

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will assist you to:

▷ Learn The Remember, Rewrite & Rewire™ Method to invite peace into your life.
▷ Create a life of clarity and ease.
▷ Develop a plan that is practical and actionable to achieve your goals.
▷ Create sustainable habits around the growth you seek.
▷ Learn to trust in yourself again. 
▷ Tap into the confidence and step into your power.  


"Regina is an amazing mindset rehabilitation coach! She will listen to your tough spots and start by asking the simple question “why do you think you feel that way?” She then helps to work through not only that interior thinking but the emotions and knowledge that comes from that. The breakthroughs she has helped me with, from nutritional balancing to career advice to relationships with family and friends, have been monumental. And she does this all from a place of wanting the best well-being for her clients. She knows what it’s like to breakthrough and her desire to assist others is strong."

Elizabeth Martin


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