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meet regina

About Regina

For me, my low was on my office floor, in a pencil skirt and a pair of Louboutins… sweating… crying… shaking… at my rock bottom. Now I live a life where I assist and empower women to know we are never stuck in where we are, we have the ability to pivot & leverage all that we are, to create a life of our dreams. 

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coaching with

▷ Learn The Remember, Rewrite & Rewire™ Method to invite peace into your life.
▷ Create a life of clarity and ease.
▷ Develop a plan that is practical and actionable to achieve your goals.
▷ Create sustainable habits around the growth you seek.
▷ Learn to trust in yourself again. 
▷ Tap into the confidence and step into your power. 

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Anxious esquire

Law school + practice have prepared you to have the greatest, analytical lawyer brain.
What they didn't teach you is how to manage your emotional state.
That is what I am here for.

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"Regina is an amazing mindset rehabilitation coach! She will listen to your tough spots and start by asking the simple question “why do you think you feel that way?” She then helps to work through not only that interior thinking but the emotions and knowledge that comes from that. The breakthroughs she has helped me with, from nutritional balancing to career advice to relationships with family and friends, have been monumental. And she does this all from a place of wanting the best well-being for her clients. She knows what it’s like to breakthrough and her desire to assist others is strong."

Elizabeth Martin


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