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I’ll never forget that moment.
I was sitting at my desk in my office and I felt this overwhelming sense of dread.

At that time, I was a corporate attorney and had so much stress & anxiety in my life that I thought it was just a part of life and had accepted it.

I was working on a case for a big client and started to feel a familiar feeling.

My heart was racing. I started to shake. I started to sweat. “Shit,” I thought, “I’m having a full on panic attack.”

So I got out of my chair and closed my office door, just in time to lay on my office floor. 

Meet Regina Lawrence

As I Laid on the Floor... 

As I laid on the floor in a pencil skirt & a pair of Louboutins, I thought I could listen to a mediation app to calm my brain.

As I laid there and listened to the guided meditation, I cried.

I cried and I cried and I cried.

And I said to myself, “I know that my life doesn’t have to be this difficult. I don’t know the answer yet, but I know this doesn’t have to be my life anymore.”

Okay so you are probably wondering why a business coach is telling you about her breakdown on her office floor.  

Because after that breakdown, I decided that I wanted to start my own business.   

My Breakthrough

That breakdown was a breakthrough moment that led me down the road of entrepreneurship. It hasn’t always been smooth. It hasn’t always easy. But it has been the best choice I have ever made for my life.

My very first day of working full time for myself, I sat down at my office desk at home. I sat down and looked around and thought, “Well, what do I do now?” I had all this time but didn’t have a method of operation. I knew the business I wanted to create. I knew the people I wanted to serve. But I couldn’t conceptualize how exactly to get the party started.

Then I took my lawyer brain - you know - the analytical, system-oriented, problem solving, solution driven brain - and used it to start to create my business. And as I started to create this business, I realized that at the heart of everything I was doing, to run a business efficiently and effectively, I need structure & system to my business.

As I evolved, my ideas around structures & systems has shifted. More specifically, as I have had a major spiritual awakening, I have come to understand something on a very deep level. We all come to this life time, to live in this moment in time for a very particular purpose. 

My Reason

And part of our journey in this life is to remember why we were here. I truly believe that for the spiritual entrepreneur, why we are in this life is very tied to our business. And our business must be in alignment with the purpose or we will be so unfulfilled by what we doing.  

And so, I am soulful business strategist. That means I work with you on remembering why your soul is here in this time & space, how your business can serve that purpose, and then create the appropriate systems & structures in your business. Systems & structures around your branding, products, services, email lists, lead generation tools, hiring an assistant & all the other areas of your business that require systems to run efficiently & profitably.

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President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc.


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