How to Create Consistency In Your Business

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

I don’t know about you but in the world of online business building and entrepreneurship, this word is tossed around constantly.

I am personally responsible for using it with clients and teaching about it on social media over and over again.

But, depending on your business, what you should be doing consistently to build your business will look different.

Today I want to boil it down to a couple key points that, regardless of your industry, will help offer some guidance on how to create and stay consist in your business.

(1) Have a Goal

Before you do anything in your business, whether it be write a post, create a product, selling said product, you must know what the goal is.

For example, if your goal is to sell a course about how to find your one true love, that goal will help to frame the content you create, what topics you want to educate your audience on and how you want to show up online.

If your goal is to sell on course on finding your one true love, you wouldn’t want to start writing posts about how to build a business on Facebook.

That’s confusing.

Set your goal and be very clear about it.

(2) Provide More Value to Your Audience Than You Think Necessary 

Sometimes this feels counter-intuitive. 

If you want to sell to audience, you can’t first sell to them online.

You must earn their trust and allow them to know & like you.

So how do you do that?

You give them so much massive value in your content and free offers that they feel like they are stealing from you.

You give them so much value on a sales call or a webinar that they call their friends and say, “Holy shit, this coach is amazing and helped me so much in 30 minutes.” 

Once they trust and love you, they will opt in for your freebie, join your email list, join your free private Facebook community, follow you back on IG… 

And once that happens, you have people who love you who you can pour into consistently through email marketing, Facebook ads, or daily activities and posts in your Facebook group.

(3) Know what you are selling or offering 

In having your goal, you need to know what you are selling or offering. 

It doesn’t makes sense to be trying to create content if you don’t know what you are selling.

Every post you put on social media or every email you send your list or every blog you write or podcast episode you record should somehow to related to the thing that you sell or the service that you offer.

Get really crystal clear on what that is.

(4) Plan Your Content

This step is sometimes the hardest for my people.

Create a plan for your content.

It is simple in idea but, for many, hard in execution.

This is how I plan my content.

I sit down and look at my calendar for the week or month and ask the question – what am I selling this month? 

Then I sit down in meditation and I ask the question, “How do I serve my people this month?”

My intention in doing this is to get some guidance on what I should be teaching, how I should be educating and what I should be putting out for my people, still keeping in mind the business and what I am actually selling. 

Then I create my plan of action for posts.

You can create a sequence of topics for your posts and stick to it each week if that helps you. 

For example:

Monday = Motivational Post

Tuesday = Teaching Post

Wednesday = Selling Post

Thursday = Teaching Post 

Friday = Selling or Motivational Post

For me, I know that on Wednesdays, I launch a podcast episode and on Fridays, I launch a blog.

So Wednesday’s posts will direct people to the podcast episode and Friday’s post will direct people to the blog.

This week, Monday is a motivation post, Tuesday I am selling, and Thursday I am teaching.

My biggest piece of advice here is sit your ass in a chair with no one around and fucking write your content.

Likeeeee… you just have to do it.

Stop making up excuses and reasons for why you aren’t doing it.

I say this with so much empathy & love because my brain is veryyyyyyyyyy good at excuses.  

But procrastination and excuses keep you broke and disappointed in yourself.

I know it does that to me.

Above all else, show up.  

Show up daily.

Whether it be your blog, your social media, live video on IG or Facebook.

Above all else, consistency will serve you and your business.



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July 14, 2020